Monday, November 30, 2015

Protein!! Time to stock up | DVF Foods

I know I’m not the only one that gets super excited about a good deal on chicken, or any meats for that matter. I am lucky enough to get beef practically for free, which we typically get from either my father-in-law, my step-dad, or our brother-in-law!! Currently our freezer is stocked with fresh elk burger, steaks & roasts, thanks to the elk my husband shot not too long ago! Our freezer has also been recently stocked with 40 lbs of fresh chicken breasts!! We’re sitting well these days when it comes to protein.


Have you heard of Zaycon Fresh? Our 40 lbs of fresh chicken breasts came from them. Zaycon Fresh is a site that offers great prices on lots of fresh meats (pork, beef, chicken, fish, and turkey), depending on where you live. I love that they’re FRESH, straight from the farm to you!


I’ve been ordering chicken from Zaycon Fresh for a couple years now, and somehow the prices keep getting better. The current unit of chicken I ordered is the cheapest I’ve seen it in three years. I have never been disappointed with their service or the products I receive. The sales vary, depending on location and what is available, and every product has a ‘unit’ size that you have to order (ie: chicken is 40 lb units).

I’m not a spokesperson for Zaycon Fresh, nor have they offered me any discount or gift in exchange for this review. I just really love their site & products, so I thought I’d share it! If you are interested in ordering from Zaycon Fresh, they have a 5% off sitewide sale going on right now – to make their already great prices even better!!


Friday, November 27, 2015

When training pays off | Thanksgiving race PR

I have been working harder and harder on my speed workouts lately. I’m currently training for a half marathon in January (The Oregon Winter Half Marathon). Obviously my goal is to PR in the half, so pushing the speed and strength workouts is a must. And it’s really nice to see that the training is paying off, as I got a PR on Thanksgiving morning, in ZERO degree weather, running a 10K (actually 10K + .4 miles).

The Huffing for Stuffing start was FREEZING…actually…BELOW freezing! Even thought it started at 8:50, it was so dang cold. Thankfully the roads were mostly packed snow instead of ice!! My toes & chin were numb for the first 3 miles, until the temperature went up a couple degrees, then I could feel them again. I wore two pairs of socks, two gloves, two long sleeves, insulated running tights, and ear warmers. At the start, they were handing out buffs (or the like) which was awesome and kept my neck warm!

This race joins up with the 5K at about mile 4.25, which inevitably slows the 10Kers down as they shuffle into the mix. But, it’s always a good time passing tons more people!!

I honestly didn’t have a specific time I was shooting for, I just wanted to place better than I did the last three times I’ve ran this race. I’ve been getting progressively faster each time I’ve ran it (awesome!) but still hadn’t placed in my age group, which has been a goal since 2010! My man didn’t get great pictures this year because I was going so much faster than he thought I would :) Oh well, I’d rather go faster than have pictures ;) 

[I’m to the left of the stop sign…well, at least my legs are! Little B is staying warm inside the car!!]image

Here are my past times for this race – 2013 [49:11] – 2012 [51:02] – 2010 [54:46]


  • time – 47:17
  • overall – 43rd
  • overall female – 7th
  • age group – 3rd

Pretty dang proud of that race! I would have loved to have been faster of course, but a 7:09 pace with packed snow and not being able to feel my toes or chin the whole time…I’d say that’s a great race!

This is definitely giving me more motivation to rock the rest of my training. Here’s what I’ve been doing for speed and strength training workouts:

  • Intervals. Some days I’ll do intervals with the rest interval being at easy pace. Which means I’m running consistently throughout the training run. But other days, the rest interval is spent lifting weights. It makes the workout HARD, but feels great in the end. My body is exhausted by the end.
    • I’ve been doing intervals of 800 meter to 1 mile
  • Tempo. My longest tempo run has been 3 miles, and I typically do a warm up of 1-2 miles, and a cool down of .5-1 mile. This race was a 6 mile tempo run for me!!
  • Hills. I really haven’t been hitting the hills like I use to. This race is going to be in a golf course, so I’m hoping it wont be super hilly, and the elevation is A LOT lower than where I live. But, on my long runs on Saturdays, I typically hit my favorite routes which have some good climbs.
  • Weights. I’m working on at least 1 days of incorporating weights, typically some kind of total body HIIT workout. I’m hoping to add another day which incorporates more plyometrics.

Only 8 weeks until go time, gotta make the most of it!! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


This month of November, I’ve been doing a daily #mymonthofthanks2015 on Instagram. It’s been inspiring and humbling to remember look for things everyday that I am thankful for. Obviously, we all have plenty to be thankful for every day of our lives, even during the sucky times, but it’s been nice to have a daily reminder to look for and appreciate the many blessings in my life!

One thing that I’m thankful for pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY is my health, and linked to that, of course, is that I’m able to run!! There are many, many things I’m thankful for every single day (my husband, my kids, my faith, etc) but for the sake of this post and this blog –

I’m thankful for running.


Running is my stress reliever

Running helps me lose pregnancy weight

Running is my sanity

Running clears my head and helps me think straight

Running is when I meditate

Running gives me motivation

Running helps me with self discipline

Running gives me goals to accomplish and things to look forward to

Running keeps me strong and healthy

Running pushes me to become better

Running makes me happy!!!


Lately, as the weather has been getting colder & the daylight is dwindling, I’ve been doing a lot more of my training on the treadmill. I enjoy that, as I get to spend that time reading!! But on Saturdays, if the weather isn’t too horrible, and the timing works out for everyone else in the family, I get to run outside. I typically do my long runs without music, because it is the perfect time to think & day dream & get inspired for hours without interruption (which is a priceless moment, when you have three littles at home, constantly begging, whinning, and vying for your attention).


I’ve come to depend on these inspirational Saturday hours. I’m a Cub Master of our church’s Cub Scout pack, I’m teaching preschool to my youngest son & his friends, I’m a business owner, and I’m the mother of 3 kids. I have a lot of think about and plan for. Typically, most of my ideas & inspirations come when I’m running, dreaming, and thinking in perfect solitude and full of endorphins! It’s the perfect combination to create the best plans!!


Running keeps the peace – in my head, in my body, and therefore in my home. My poor family would not be able to put up with me without running. I would be unmotivated to accomplish much of anything without having goals to look forward to (and hopefully accomplish) in running, and therefore the sanity it gives me. I wouldn’t have as much patience as I do now (which is not very much anyway) if I didn’t have running to beat the crankiness out of me!


I really could keep going on and on and on and on, but I’m pretty sure I got the point across…

I’m thankful for running! Period!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

up and coming races

I haven’t been in much of a blogging mood for a while now, so how about I post a bit about what coming up in my running/racing world. While I was training for my marathon in September, I decided that I had had enough of training, was going to take it easy for the rest of the year, and just run one more race (it’s a tradition on Thanksgiving). I was pretty burnt out after that training session!

But obviously, I can’t handle being down for too long. I’ve been working my way up slowly from running 12 mile/week post marathon, to now 30+ miles/week. I’m feeling great (aside from lingering Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot), and I have a few races lined up in the next few months.

NOVEMBER: Huffing for Stuffing

On Thanksgiving morning is a 10K, it’s a tradition. I’ve ran it 3 years now (2 years I couldn’t because I was too pregnant). Hoping for a PR this year…but only if there isn’t a ton of ice (as there usually is).


JANUARY: Oregon Winter Half

I’m pretty excited about this one for a few reasons.

1) it’s in Oregon – my home state!!
2) the elevation change is going to be a HUGE benefit for my half marathon time (crossing my fingers!!)
3) the weather wont be nearly as freezing as Montana! January is where it’s usually been in the below freezing temps for a month or two, so the “cold” weather there and maybe some rain should make for a pleasant race day!
4) the most important reason – I get to spend the weekend with my mom & sister (and hopefully all my sisters, but that’s still in the works). It’s going to be a fun little weekend getaway at the Oregon Coast (after the race)!


FEBRUARY: ….undecided

I have a few options this month, and I can’t decide what I want to do yet. My main options are a marathon or nothing! If I do a marathon, it’s either Phoenix or Red Rock (Vegas)…


but if I don’t, then I will just stay home and train for…

MARCH: Run to the Pub (half marathon)

I’ve ran this one twice, and missed out last year because I was recovering from a c-section. It’s going down this year!


Those are my up and coming races. Training is already underway & I’m feeling great. Can’t wait to see what happens this coming year!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Faster Than Boo 10K | Halloween virtual race

Virtual races are so great. I love that the hassle of the actual race – the packet pick-up, the getting there early, the bus ride (sometimes), the porta potty wait, etc. etc. – isn’t a problem at all with virtual races! You just do it when you want to, any where you want to, any time you want to, with whoever you want to run it with.

This virtual 10K race, hosted by Gone for a Run, turned out to be another training run for me (training for another 10K on Thanksgiving and half marathon in January). I ran it on the treadmill, plus a couple extra miles to get in all of my training. I was even half tempted to run it in a costume, or at least a witch’s hat…but neither happened (only for the picture ;)

IMG_20151031_160819_076P.S. Gone for a Run has some of the softest & coziest tanks out there. If only they were razor backs though!

I didn’t track my time, but I was started out at about an 8:49 pace and ended around 8:13 pace. Definitely not race pace, but what I needed for this run. I wish I would have saved my speed workout for this race – then I would have been closer to a 7:22 pace. Oh well!

And another fun part of the virtual race – adding a bib and [fun] metal to the collection!


This race finished up the month of October with a total of 123.25 miles. I am still in recovery mode after September’s marathon. I’ve been battling Plantar Fasciitis…and still haven’t won, but it is slowing but surely feeling better as I’ve been gradually building mileage, but still staying pretty low [compared to what I was at when I was training for the marathon].


Thanks to Gone for a Run for putting on this virtual race & giving me the motivation to keep running (even on the holidays)! They have more virtual races coming up. Their Thanksgiving virtual race is already sold out, but they have a Christmas virtual 5K and a Hanukkah virtual 8K races.

*I am a Gone for a Run ambassador and was given race entry/goodies for this virtual race in exchange for this post

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